I want to be here inside myself
and for once feel okay
I want to be there beside them all
and they not drift away

I want to be here inside myself
believing I am good
I want to be there for them all
forever if I could

I want to say my silly things
and they then say theirs back
I want impassioned, deep debate
and no one feel attacked

I need to feel their summer sun
dress my shivering soul
I need to escape this frigid night
and they not pay the toll

I want to soar and glide with them
through God’s blameless sky
I want to lift them to His gates
but I fall and fail to fly

I want to hold their spotless souls
and be cleansed by their light
But because my guilt has stained me black
I shrink into the night

So I’m left to hide inside myself
alone to bear this day
I am left to be beside myself
as they fly high away







Artwork copyright Zachary Dock

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